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3 Big Lifestyle Changes You Can Make for Thriving Dental Implants

October 13, 2023

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A man smiling with his new dental implants

Dental implants are the ultimate solution for tooth loss. Not only do they look great once the treatment is complete, but they stop bone deterioration in your jaw!  This means that your dental implants are always working hard to maintain your face structure and help you chew. Shouldn’t you give a little bit of effort back by ensuring they last a lifetime?

If you want to learn how you can keep your dental implants thriving and healthy, continue reading. These three lifestyle changes could make all the difference.


Debunking 3 Common Cosmetic Dentistry Myths

August 12, 2023

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Young person with a nice smile

Cosmetic dentistry has gained immense popularity in recent years, with more people seeking to enhance their smiles and boost their confidence. However, along with its rise in popularity, several myths and misconceptions about cosmetic dentistry have surfaced. It’s essential to debunk these myths to help individuals make informed decisions about their dental health. Let’s explore three common myths about cosmetic dentistry that you shouldn’t believe.


How to Handle a Dental Emergency on Summer Vacation

June 15, 2023

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person experiencing dental emergency holding cheek

After months of anticipation, planning, making reservations, and saving up PTO, your long-awaited summer vacation has finally arrived! Whether you’re traveling nearby or to a distant destination, the last thing you want to encounter while taking time to recharge is a dental emergency. Unfortunately, emergencies can strike when we least expect them. If you ever find yourself facing a dental emergency during your summer vacation, read on to learn what steps you should take.


Which is Better — Teeth Whitening or Veneers?

January 5, 2023

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A Covina dentist placing veneers

If you have discolored teeth, you likely want to brighten them. Doing so, after all, would make your smile look clean and beautiful! Still, cosmetic dentistry has several ways to achieve this result. One obvious option is teeth whitening, but porcelain veneers can also do the job. That being said, you might not know which treatment is right for you. Thankfully, your local Covina dentist can help you decide. Here is a summary of whitening and veneers’ features and how to weigh them when choosing your procedure.


Tips on What to Expect During an Emergency Dental Visit

August 4, 2022

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woman with severe toothache

Because life is so unpredictable, when you think about it, the list of potential dental emergencies is quite lengthy. However, the seven most common situations emergency dentists face are bleeding or pain after a tooth extraction, an abscess, broken orthodontics, a lost filling or crown, a knocked-out tooth, a chipped or broken tooth, or a toothache. When you need urgent oral care for any of these reasons, how is your dentist in Covina going to respond? Keep reading to learn more about what to expect during an emergency dental visit.

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