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Do you have any questions or concerns about Covina Family Dental and its services? Our team looks forward to putting your mind at ease and helping you feel like a fully informed partner in your oral healthcare journey as our patient. Below, we’ve compiled several of our most popular FAQs and their answers for easy access. You are also always welcome to contact us directly in West Covina, CA, if you still don’t see what you’re looking for.

how many times should i be going to the dentist each year?

For patients with generally good oral health, Dr. Tran’s recommendation is to visit for a comprehensive checkup and cleaning every six months, or twice each calendar year. These regular intervals will allow our team to pinpoint any damage or infection at its earliest, most harmless stages. If there are outlying circumstances, such as the presence of gum disease or a predisposition to tooth decay, scheduling appointments every three to four months may be more effective.

There are several options available here in West Covina. Dr. Tran highly recommends dental implants because of their comprehensively natural structure, their seamless aesthetic value, and their unmatched longevity – in fact, many implant-retained teeth last for the rest of the patient’s life. Additionally, more traditional services like bridges and dentures are available. During an initial consultation, our team can help you determine which treatment plan best fits your personal goals, budget, and available time commitment.

Of course! Dr. Tran offers several cosmetic services that are designed to elevate the appearance of teeth and get rid of frustrating flaws, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, direct bonding, and more.

Yes. These symptoms typically indicate bruxism (habitual teeth grinding), which is most likely to happen at night while patients are sleeping and blissfully unaware. Untreated cases can result in badly damaged teeth and even the onset of TMJ disorder, which is why Dr. Tran will want to face this condition head-on with a customized night guard. These oral appliances provide a sturdy barrier between the rows of teeth, keeping any dangerous contact to an absolute minimum.

Not necessarily. Root canal therapy is available as a saving grace to remove harmful bacteria from within the hurting tooth, revitalizing the structure and helping it stay a stable and natural part of your smile. Don’t wait to contact us if you’re in this situation – the pain will only get worse over time, not better.

At Covina Family Dental, the safety of you and your loved ones is definitely our top priority. That’s why we’ve invested in several modern technologies that help us improve the efficiency, accuracy, and comfort of our treatments. Dr. Tran uses digital radiography for diagnostic purposes, which reduces the amount of radiation exposure by up to 80% when compared with traditional film X-rays.

Yes! Our team will file claims for ALL PPO insurance plans so that patients can maximize their deserved dental insurance benefits to the fullest extent.