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Teeth Whitening

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Maybe you’ve noticed it in the bathroom mirror lately – your teeth just aren’t as bright as they used to be. You might have dark spots along the enamel or yellow discoloration that holds you back from showing off your smile. At Covina Family Dental, Dr. Tran wants to help you reclaim the picture-perfect look you deserve with professional teeth whitening solutions! Fast in-office treatment with Opalescence Boost and convenient take-home kits are both available, and patients can expect to improve their enamel by several shades following either approach. Contact us today here in Covina, CA to schedule a cosmetic consultation.

how does in-office opalescence boost teeth whitening work?

Are you wanting to whiten your teeth as fast as possible? Maybe you have a big event coming up where you’d like to look your very best, such as a wedding or a graduation ceremony. If so, in-office teeth whitening with Opalescence Boost is your best bet. The process only takes one appointment at our Covina practice that will last around an hour, during which our team will apply a powerful whitening gel to the teeth in two 20 minute sessions. Your smile will appear noticeably brighter once we’re finished, and Dr. Tran will provide take-home gel and disposable trays as well so that you can do touch-ups at home.

how does at-home opalescence teeth whitening work?

Of course, some patients may want the convenience and flexibility of being able to whiten their teeth gradually at home. If this is the case for you, let our team know that you’re interested in a take-home Opalescence whitening kit. This system will consist of professional-strength whitening gel and oral trays that are custom-made for your unique smile. The patient’s only job is to wear both together as directed for a certain amount of time each day – this may be done for 30 minutes at a time or overnight, depending on your specific plan with Dr. Tran. Within a few weeks of consistent use, you should see beautiful improvements!


teeth whitening faqs

You don’t need to hide your discolored teeth. You can revamp your smile and give your confidence a boost with a professional whitening treatment. Your dentist can combat stains and discoloration with a personalized plan for teeth whitening; however, it’s normal to have a few concerns before you’re ready to move forward. We’ll explain everything during your consultation. While you wait for your visit, here are the answers to a few of the most common questions patients ask us about teeth whitening.

will whitening treatments make my teeth sensitive?

You’ve likely heard a few rumors that teeth whitening causes sensitivity, but this is a common myth. Modern whitening systems are specially formulated to minimize any discomfort before and after your treatment. If you’re prone to tooth sensitivity, we may recommend using a desensitizing toothpaste to curtail any discomfort. Some patients will experience minor sensitivity after their treatment, but it will subside within a day or two.

Whitening treatments are most effective when the teeth are free of any plaque or tartar. As a result, we may recommend a dental cleaning before moving forward, especially if it has been a while since your last preventive appointment. Although it adds another step to your treatment plan, clean teeth provide consistent results to ensure you’re satisfied with your investment.

It’s best to have your teeth whitened under the supervision of a dental professional to reduce any risk of damage to your enamel. You’ll ensure the products you are using are from reputable vendors that have been tested for safety and effectiveness to prevent tooth sensitivity or root damage. After your treatment, avoid overusing any home bleaching products, which can negatively affect your enamel.

There isn’t a set fee for teeth whitening because there are various factors that influence the cost, such as if you’re using an in-office or at-home solution. Generally, take-home trays are the most affordable because they don’t require the use of special materials or equipment; however, the results are instant. No matter the option you choose, we’ll provide you with an estimate during your consultation and explain the fees associated with your plan. Unfortunately, whitening procedures aren’t often covered under dental insurance policies because they are elective. If applicable, we’ll work on your behalf with your insurance company to lower the amount you need to pay. Our office accepts a variety of payment methods for any remaining balance, like third-party financing. Your cosmetic dentist in Covina will help you find the solutions you need to revitalize your smile without breaking the bank.

Whitening treatments will not change the color or shade of any existing dental work, such as direct bonding, veneers, or crowns. The whitening agents are only effective for restoring your natural tooth. If you’re concerned about any color differentials between your enamel and your dental restorations, we can provide the solutions you need to ensure seamless results.